When Status Quo played a multi-storey car park

Yet again, we read that another iconic building with special interest is planned for demolition (SA, June 5.

The Parade multi-storey car park was used in the late 1960’s ( I think 1969) for a concert for Swindon Youth Week for Swindon Council.

At the time myself and other members of St Joseph Catholic Youth Centre Committee from St Josephs Catholic School in Queens Drive, contacted and organised the concert attended by hundreds of young people.

Groups that played that night were, Status Quo, The Equals,(who turned up in a Rolls- Royce car) and Sweet People.

All of them on arriving could not believe where they were performing, it was a totally great evening, and a huge concert, enjoyed by so many.

I think the building should be converted into a music centre for the young and not be demolished.

I wonder if any of your readers can remember that evening.

Tim Crook.

Corby Avenue


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GP surgery always friendly and helpful

Re: Your article (SA, June 17) in which staff had been abused and the premises damaged, for whatever reason, which I was sorry to hear.

I am writing in support of Merchiston surgery where myself and my wife have been attending for a number of years now and we have always found them very friendly and helpful, especially at this difficult time.

As only last week I rang to either speak or to see a doctor and within a short time a doctor rang me back, and I offered to send a picture of the problem I had, but he said he would prefer to see me and arranged an appointment the same day and it was dealt with.

I know you cannot always see your own doctor but there is always a doctor you can see or who will speak to you.

You should not go to the surgery personally to make an appointment, you should always ring them and we have always found this works well.

A Carpenter

Stonehurst Close


Do you have a view? Send a letter to the editor via letters@swindonadvertiser.co.uk or follow the link here.

What is the point of roadworks surveys?

Yet again another delay to road works due to a pre-work survey not identifying problems.

This time it’s the White Hart junction where the sub structure is not good enough.

This follows not identifying the position of a gas main in Oxford road that led to the contractors to fracturing the pipe.

Then there was the Piccadilly roundabout where they didn’t know a drainage pipe was in place.

Add the issues at the Moonrakers and one wonders how these surveys are done.

Master of excuses Gary Sumner says it will not impact on the progress, yet we are already past the date on the boards stating completion Spring 2021.

If he expects us to believe it will not go over the 30M budget, he must think we were born yesterday or the cost was way above at the start of the work. How can an extra few months work not add to the cost. I await your next excuse Mr. Sumner.

I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know when the work will be completed and at what extra cost. I will not hold my breath.

Sam Smyth