Swindon's town centre has seen a number of iconic stores come and go over the years like Debenhams, House of Fraser and McIlroys.

But perhaps the biggest and most iconic store that once delighted Swindon shoppers but now no longer exists in the town is the legendary Woolworths.

Swindon was home to one of the companies flagship stores with entrances on both Regent Street and Edgeware Road until it closed for the final time in January, 2009.

In the years since its closure, people have often discussed the popular store with an air of longing nostalgia, and readers of the Swindon Advertiser were no different when they were recently asked about their memories of Woolies.

Here are some of the best replies of people's fond memories.

Carolyn Corr said: "I miss the hustle and bustle of the packed town centre on a Saturday, where people would actually dress up to go into town.

"There were loads of great shops then , you could spend all day in town in the 70’s and 80’s and maybe even the 90’s. It was a real good day out then .

"I miss those days!"

Natalie Maria Elliott-hearn added: "I agree. It was a highlight to get a little dressed up and go for a day shopping."

Lynne Packer said: "Miss that period of time, full stop, really gone down hill the town centre."

Jackie Costello said: "Brilliant for getting almost everything in Woolworths.

"Loved the toy section when I was a child. Great café there also."

Alex Mackie said: "Meeting my late Nana for coffee/tea on Wednesday mornings in the cafe."

Jane Aldred said: "It was a shop you could get anything I used to go in my sweets first then off to the cinema when we had 2 in the town plus you new everyone."

Aaron Newman said: "I used to go in there every week to get the pick and mix chocolate footballs and you can’t really get them anywhere anymore, got to order online.

"I did that and was ripped off nothing turned up, I think they should bring Woolworths back ."

Sharon Alden said: "I worked there in 1988/9 and we had such a laugh.

"No idea why, but I still remember the department codes for make up and toiletries were 220 and 221!

"It was a great shop. Then a few years later when I had babies I used to get their clothes from there."

Peggy Ault said: "The plants which they used to have on display outside the store, some still doing well in my garden now."

Tricia Caroline said: "I was there as a Christmas temp working school hours on the music/entertainment section.

"I miss Woolies......... as a customer!"

Susan Mcpherson said: "Saturday mornings walking around Woolies.

"My friend Sue Hutt was floor security there and I used to sneak around with her."

Tina Quarrell said: "Everything, pick and mix, the cafe, the clothes, everything.

"I loved Woolworths wish it could come back."

Denise Rawlings said: "Boxing day sales where great there. Cafe was good in there."

Gary Faircloth said: "Swindon when we was kids growing up, miss it all so much.

"1966 birth date so if you know you know this was the greatest time in Swindon Town."

Daniel Wood said: "When I was growing up, Woolworths used to be one of my favourite places, not just in the town centre, but Swindon in general.

"It was one of the few shops I didn't mind my mum dragging me into.

"I remember being gutted when it closed."

But the most mentioned thing in the hundreds of replies that the Swindon Advertiser received when asking for Woolworth's memories was, of course, the much-missed pick and mix selection.