A Swindon pub that dabbled with disaster on its first day of business under the current ownership has bounced back to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

The Greyhound pub on Faringdon Road was hit by a surprise flood on landlord Martin Goodfellow and his now wife Alison’s first day.

After the flood on July 4, 1988, the pair were considering if they even wanted to continue with their venture, but 35 years on they are still serving the people of Swindon.

“We had a delivery on the first day which ended up flooding the cellar after there was a big downpour and the water hit the rope and channelled into the cellar,” said Martin.

Swindon Advertiser: The current owners have now been in charge for 35 years.The current owners have now been in charge for 35 years. (Image: Dave Cox)

“Hundreds of gallons of water flooded in and we doubted how long we would even be here.”

The 65-year-old then married Alison just one month later on August 6, marking the start of a special journey together at the helm.

Famed for its sports coverage, the pub has live football, racing and boxing often on the screen but is mostly synonymous with its connections a former Sunday league team.

“It is a really good pub and we used to have a lot of competition in the street but it is just us and one club left,” said Martin.

“There has always been a good relationship with the football team The Greyhound FC which finished permanently at the end of last season.

“We have had four generations go through the football team in some cases which is wonderful.”

Swindon Advertiser: The pub suffered flooding on its first day under Martin and Alison but soon bounced back.The pub suffered flooding on its first day under Martin and Alison but soon bounced back. (Image: Dave Cox)

The Greyhound has a very rich history in Swindon as it is one of the oldest watering holes in the town, having first been founded in the 1850s.

It even hosted the town’s first ever catholic mass in the old barn which has since been demolished.

“I was 29 years old when we took over and we have never thought of swapping,” said Martin.

“Now I’m nearer the exit than the entrance so I wouldn’t ever change.

Pat Kelly has been the pub’s manager for the past two years after leasing four different pubs in Ireland.

“It’s mainly a local and regular pub but new people are always welcome to come in,” he said.

The pub’s special landmark has been celebrated throughout the week with a variety of special events.

“We have had live music, a barbeque and more as we celebrate the anniversary,” said Martin.

“Alison and I love the pub and we’ve had some very good times at the pub over the years.”