Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on the The Jeremy Vine Show on Channel Five.

It’s nice to be back on TV, especially on Channel Five.

It’s a channel I always thought I’d appear on but I presumed it would be in an episode of Police Interceptors.

I was interviewed about the one-man show I am taking to the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

It’s called “Alzheimer’s? I Can’t Even Remember How To Spell It” and it’s on for the whole month.

The story behind the show is about my parents who both had the condition but also the fact that having a son has made me think differently about it.

I still worry about getting the condition myself. I’m sure that everyone who is related to someone who has some form of dementia has an understandable paranoia that it might effect them too.

We all have our own coping strategies. To make sure I never forget anything important I email notes to myself all the time so I always have a copy in my inbox.

Someone will tell me something important and I’ll get my phone out and send myself an email. A second after I click send my phone will ping and I’ll think, “Oh, I wonder who that is.”

The day after my TV appearance the front pages broke the news of Fiona Phillips. In the modern era, most front pages about TV presenters end in a resignation and an investigation, so this was very different.

Much like my family, both of Fiona’s parents had Alzheimer’s. At the age of 62, Fiona has announced the news she must have been fearing, that she has the condition too.

It was heart warming to see the responses online. Lots of people were wishing her the best as she fights this disease.

This week helped me realise that we’re turning a corner with dementia. As more people get the condition, more celebrities also get diagnosed and that helps us learn to talk about it.

It’s a hard topic. Mention Alzheimer’s at a dinner party and you can kill the mood, but we need to have these conversations.

As we get better at helping the body live longer the mind will become the next medical frontier.

When a news story gets people’s attention you’ll find follow up stories related to it.

One story that came a few days after Fiona Phillips’ diagnosis was that of the new drug Lecanemab, that is the first drug shown to delay the condition.

It’s not a cure but it’s great news, news that we only heard because we were all talking about the issue more.

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