SWINDON was recently named as one of the worst nights out in the UK - although it was rated higher than London.

A study by Get Licensed analysed the number of venues per head, the cost of a pint and a range of safety issues to determine the worst places for a night out in Britain.

And the town ranked in ninth place, despite places like Tree and Kioki in Old Town and the Power Lounge in the town centre, as well as a number of pubs and music venues.

The study showed than a pint will set Swindon locals back an average of £5.68.

However, Swindon was much better than the rest of the top ten when it came to the percentage of fear over being mugged

A spokesperson for Get Licensed said: “The data we used for the number of bars and clubs were taken from Tripadvisor, while the number of pubs close to each location was taken from CAMRA’s whatpub.com.

“We compared this data to the populations of each town and city using data from World Population Review.”

But do the locals of Swindon agree with the study and the town’s lowly placing?

We asked people on the Adver Facebook page and this is what they said.

Cherie Rose Van Houten said: “I’m glad I was going out in Swindon in 1992.

“Yes I know it makes me very old, but even Sunday nights were fantastic, and the music.

“I miss those times.”

Stuart Hall said: “So glad grew up when I did when Swindon night life was banging.”

Paul Smith said: “Don’t surprise me Swindon is a total run down dump like most towns anyway the government would rather waste money sending it abroad for no return than spend it helping there own communities.”

Scott McFarlane said: “Swindon is dead these days. About 10 years ago it was mint.”

Phil Storey said: “Back in the day we had a great time, Rodbourne Arms, Brunel, Old Town pubs, Route 66, West Swindon - soooo many to mention.”

Vicky McWilliams said: “20 years ago it was good, whether it’s clubbing, shopping or going out for a nice meal Swindon does not offer anything anymore unfortunately

Jason Adams said: “Swindon is the only place in the world where you wipe your feet on the way out of the clubs.”

Rachel Elizabeth Mercer said: “The town is shocking we couldn’t even believe how many places were shut down when we went to Rios Brazil restaurant, we went for a drink at Wetherspoons and that was it.

“I couldn’t wait to leave and go back home!”

Mark Pulleyn said: “The town is crying out for a decent sized venue to host live music, something that can attract both up and coming, as well as established acts.

“The last gig I went to was at The Marble Factory in Bristol, to watch the American blues/rock band, Larkin Poe.

“They sold out The Roundhouse in London this week.”

John Sutton said: “Well that’s something to be rightly proud of!

“Personally speaking I still think that a night out in Old Town beats most places hands down, and that comes from someone living in Manchester for 3 decades!

“Depends what you call a good night out, and mine doesn’t include clubs you queue 2 hours for then can’t move, hear or afford more than 1 drink!”

Susan Mcloughlin said: “I’m from Coventry and we got voted the second worst night out in the country. Somewhere’s got to get the first prize!

“Well done Swindon.”

Paul Gilbert said: “The mid 90’s into 2010 - Brilliant nights out, bars were packed the clubs were great - nothing nowadays bars half full, none of the clubs we used to go to are here anymore - kids do it differently nowadays but we were once a party town.”