Charity shops are a criminally underrated part of the retail world and I proved that by getting my hands on a boiler suit for just £8.

When I was tasked with seeing what Swindon had to offer for just £20, I was beyond excited.

Having grown up in Swindon, the Sue Ryder charity shop at the top of Victoria Road is what I think of when I set out to either donate or even buy from a charity shop in Swindon, so that is where I went.

I entered the shop just half an hour before closing time at 4pm on Thursday, November 10.Swindon Advertiser: The start to my fashion endeavours was quite disappointing with most of my encounters including the typical items that often fill charity shops such as small cardigans and bland dresses.

Being a charity shop enthusiast, I was able to glance at the rails and figure out which were not worth my time.

For a tall man such as myself, women’s clothing is often not the correct size however a huge amount of my most precious items are from the women’s section because the variety and character is often far more impressive than that of the men’s.

A black women’s fur vest was the first item I picked up and would have cost me £12.95 had I indulged however after trying it on I realised I would have looked wonderful but it would have been quite chilly on the arms.

I also picked up a very chique crème jacket however came to the conclusion that it wasn’t quite as fantastic as the other items and I had to keep to my budget.Swindon Advertiser:

What I ended up purchasing was a dark blue boiler suit and a very long crème trench coat, which cost me exactly £20 altogether despite separately being labeled as £8 and £12.95.

My conclusion is that the lovely lady that served me was indeed, being lovely.

I have been on the hunt for a boiler suit for over a year now so when I found this beauty I did a little dance in the middle of the shop.

It is extra-large however rolling up that trouser legs was a simple fix.

The trench coat is just stylish through and through. It radiates the atmosphere of Liam Gallagher and the era of Brit Pop and will really help enhance the stylish journalist look which I like to think I pull off very well.