Should the Coate Water diving board, and by extension, the reservoir at Coate Water Country Park, be accessible and usable by the Swindon public?

That is the question that comes up more often than not when the iconic Grade II-listed structure comes up in the news.

Currently the diving board is nothing more than a monument to the town's past and isn't in use despite being proudly repainted and restored recently.

However, there have been a couple of instances where members of the public have swam across to the board and have used it.

Last summer, during an intense heatwave, people were filmed using the board to dive into the waters below, and last week a group of three were seen jumping off the structure.

But what do Swindon Advertiser readers think about it all? We have collected some of the best responses to our posts on Facebook on this issue below.

Jordan Owen said: "Why complain. Swindon Council spent £150,000 to restore it. Why the hell was it not restored to be able to use. Especially with the amount.

"It's a waste of tax if its not being used."

Michał Karwacki said: "This thing should be dismantled and taken away, it only spoils the beautiful views and generates costs."

Baba Yaga said: "Can't dive from a DIVING board. That's something new. Or am I applying too much logic here?"

Marge Swatton said: "That's ok until they get tangled under the water then someone has got risk there life to drag them out.

"It's claimed life before, think twice guys."

Mrss Rose said: "Why spend all that money restoring it? It’s like looking at a box of chocolates you can never open. I’m all for the little rebels just be safe.

"If the council are that bothered they should either removed the weeds or remove the diving board

Karen Higson said: "If only there was actually something else for them to do in Swindon."

Adrian Sawyer said: "It was closed in the 1950’s as the water quality was too poor for swimming."

Justin Reakes said: "Being used for what it's ment for a joy to see."

Craig Smith said: "Have seen the swarms of rats literally 5 meters away from those diving boards.

"Why would anyone want to jump into that nasty water."

Carina Wills said: "If they continue this behaviour then the Swindon council could get it something to go around it so that people can’t get in there.

"They also should get a fine too.

"I mean what on earth are these idiots doing."

John Tanner said: "Council says it's poor quality water...

"Clean it up then and make it safe so people can use it, that would in turn allow for the business around it to have extra customers and increase the earning potential of the site."

Chris Owen said: "A diving board used for diving? Whatever next? People wanting to swim in swimming pools?

"No chance of that in Swindon."

Paul Fallows said: "If this was in a civilised country the water would be clean and would be an activity encouraged.

"Since no one is able to exploit the public by asking them to pay an over inflated amount to splash about it stays off limits."

Malcolm Gray said: Have dived off there swam in there even ice skated on there.

"I'm still alive

"Most probably cleaner water than what is being pumped into the sea."

Owen Webster said: "Why have a diving area refurbed for show reasons?

"Put it to good use."

Alan Lovesey said: "I jumped off there when i was a kid i used to live just by Broome Manor."