There are a number of currently empty Swindon town centre units that are up for sale providing budding entrepreneurs and business owners with an opportunity to take up residents alongside the hundreds of others in the area.

The former Wilko building on Fleet Street, a former wedding shop on Edgeware Road and Bismallah Groceries on Commercial Road are among the retail property offerings currently available.

But, as we always do, we thought it would be interesting to see what potential businesses or stores the people of Swindon might want to take over some of these currently closed places.

We asked our readers on social media and elsewhere and there were hundreds of to the all-important question - what would you like to see come to Swindon town centre?

Nicola Burgess said: "A bakery, another supermarket and an indoor soft play centre (top floor of old M&S would be perfect for this).

Deborah Battaglia said: "The top of town and Commercial road have some interesting things going on.

"I reckon peppercorn rents for small independent shops, makers and businesses is the way to go.

"Something along the line of the Lanes in Brighton."

Hadda Zek said: "It would nice to have great restaurants.

"A virtual game place.

Carol Garrington said: "A decent food shop for all those flat dwellers for a start. A nice speciality bakery would be a good addition.

"Of course parking needs sorting. In Witney free parking and better shops."

Richard Cowley said: "Needs a proper music venue for starters."

Tina Breadmore said: "Bring back M&S for a start."

Katie Banks said: "Zara, Boux Avenue, Select, a hardware store, bakery (with lardy cake), a gift shop, a girly shop like Fluffy Plastics (if anyone remembers that? My mum bought me loads from there).

"Some independent handmade shops

"Dr Martins would probably do well.

"Move most of the shops outside into the Brunel so it's full and an easy experience for people shopping.

"A nice sit in place to eat too. The choices in town are so limited if you want to go for food that isn't fast food, a spoons or café.

"Maybe an information point too?"

Gareth Rees said: "Anything other than a vape shop, a nail shop or a gambling shop! Still those would better than nothing at all I guess…"

Smita Varambhia Bakrania said: "A fabric store and also a repair your clothes shop .

"Fabric to encourage sewing as a hobby for young people as well as those who like sewing

"A clothes repair shop to encourage people to repair their clothes and not to throw them away and buy a replacement!"

Paula Simms said: "A really good bakery and a nice clean butcher shop and a supermarket.

"No more coffee shops, pound shops, or barbers. And definitely no more flats."

Michael Wolf said: "A decent size supermarket, and anything that's not a coffee or vape shop enough of those already!"

Kirsty Toulcher said: "Entertainment as well as shopping. A boutique cinema, soft play centre for kids, video games and amusements. Also shops where it's harder to buy the items online and people want to see in person,

"ie candles, medicine, shoes and specialist products like mobility equipment, glasses and hearing aid."

Shelley Cooper said: "The night clubs at bottom of town open again."

Eleanor Fawcett said: "Better independent shops, more plants and less lifeless brick, bins, better seating with shelters. "