Swindon has seen a number of pubs, clubs and nightlife venues close over the years, and recently another one has shut its doors.

While the closure of The Rolleston Arms and the Underground music venue in Swindon's town centre looks to only be a temporary one caused by the departure of its former landlord, people have still reacted to the sight of the popular venue with sadness.

It is not known when the dual venue will reopen but an advert has been placed on brewery Stonegate's website advertising it as a potential new venture for someone.

Former Wetherspoons manager Daniel Harrison took over The Rolleston Arms and Level 3 in February 2023 after it was placed up for sale in August 2022 by previous owner Violet McLaren.

It was boarded up this month after Mr Harrison's departure.

After the Adver reported on the pub's current fate, many commented on the paper's Facebook page to share their memories of the establishment, as well as react to its closure.

Kimbo Glanville said: "Sad times, my Sunday mornings bopping about doing the Rolly Roast we’re some of my happiest times.

"Rolly Dollies forever"

Kyle Haynes said: "Some of the best times I had was working there working behind the bar and doing security."

Stella Page said: "Sad. We managed it for a while in 70's working for Courage, living in the little house around the corner.

"Was excellent the. Big area downstairs often had BIG names in darts John Lowe my favourite, (tournaments etc.)"

Mark E Pitt: "I have put on nights there and my bands have played there so even though I moved away years ago I still find it sad that venue with so much potential can’t keep its doors open.

"There is several issues I see from my limited knowledge, first it’s run by a pubco which cut margins on sales which is the main income for a place like the Rolly/Levs.

"Secondly it’s a big expensive space to run, both the pub and club need staff, even heating the place must be a strain on the utility bills.

"Lastly is that people are not going out as much as they used to, to pull people in you need to invest a lot of money in bands/acts/djs and then promote them to the hilt.

"This is on top of all the other costs involved with just running a pub."

Anji Savory said: "Used to be my fave pub a few years back."

Martin Newman said: "Oh no this is one of the best music venues in the town. Seen some fantastic acts there The Fall, Gene Loves Jezebel, the Men They Couldn’t Hang, Ferocious Dog, Wilko Johnson, John Otway and many more.

"The only comparable size is the Vic but the capacity there isn’t as large so won’t be able to host some of those acts. Very sad news."

Pete Winyard said: "That is such a shame, the landlord and family were really nice but the heating bill alone must have wiped out the profits. The changing demographics play a major part in the demise of town centre pubs."

Dan Carter said: "If Moles in Bath has to close because it isn't financially viable, then there really isn't a hope in hell for venues like this."

Tracy Fieldsend said: "These days you have to be diverse and accommodate all tastes . The idea of a pure ‘rock’ pub has gone unless it’s in one of the major cities and even those are struggling!

"Swindon has never had a strong presence in music culture and now it’s dying completely.

"The youngsters aren’t interested in 50+ aged men pretending they’ve still got it on stage and that’s all it had to offer."