Swindon has become a very easy target and it has become quite fashionable to run the town down as a retail destination

For that reason, it's not very often that it gets praised, but that is exactly what driving instructor Peter Brooks from West Oxfordshire has done.

The 54-year-old chooses to head to Swindon instead of Oxford for his shopping needs after what he calls a number of bad experiences there.

He said “I thought Swindon was a better shopping destination than Oxford and I still believe this to be true.

“In fact, since then Oxford has got worse with more road closures and restrictions making it very inconvenient to travel to."

But how did the people of Swindon react to Peter's positive words for the town, especially when compared to the rival neighbours?

We compiled some of the best reactions to Peter's defence of the Swindon from Adver readers below.

Jennie Fellowes said: "He’s talking a lot about the logistics with roadworks and parking etc so actually I’d agree with him, although I also think Gloucester is better."

Finnula McNally said: "Agree I live in Oxford, with the LTN quicker to get to Swindon."

Jamie Rolfe said: "Oxford and Swindon are both rubbish for shopping.

"Back in the 00s and even the early 10s I used to come away from Swindon not empty handed but not anymore it most certainly become a very run down town especially the Brunel centre.

Charlie Dyer said: "I’m from Oxford originally and I agree with him Oxford is literally set up for tourists, I hate shopping there, Reading or Bristol is much better

Eileen Johnston said: "Asda Walmart and Outlet village are ok.

"The M/S at Walmart is pretty good and has a nice restaurant."

Priscilla Anne Howe said: "Logistically yes but shopwise, no."

Alison Miles Luna said: "Absolutely not. It’s hard to even want to go into the town centre. It’s filthy, no shops and almost not safe!"

Brian Tennant said: "The big hotel and retail complex that is to be developed at the County Ground will be an improvement."

Jav Qazi said: "He probably means the outlet, which I have heard before that a lot of people come specially to go to the outlet from out of town."

Christian Paul Kostiuk said: "He's actually not a million miles wrong.

"People always think 'Town centre' when somebody mentions Swindon shops.

"Now think outside the box..."

Beckie Paddington said: "He’s not wrong though! Oxford from Carterton is a nightmare!

"It’s over an hour on the bus and that’s even on a good day! The A40 is horrific, the roadworks at Botley, the roadworks on the A40."

Kyle McDougall said: "Yep. I live in Oxford but will go to Swindon or Reading. Reading is the best of the three though."

Jayne Hanks said: "They have Westgate...we have the Outlet. I know which I prefer and its not the latter."

Barry Measor said: "Oxford has architecture, culture, a town centre with people, shops, bars and restaurants galore.

"Swindon has a ton of retail parks."

Sarah Maddock said: "If you read it says 'shopping parks' but for the ones of you who complain about the town centre yes it's not great but everytime I pop in it's busy."

Chris Ellis said: "I lived in Oxford for a number of years and now live in Swindon. Both have their good and bad points."

Dave Munday said: "I don’t go shopping so don’t care, find something less boring for everyone to moan about."