One of Swindon’s closed shops has been listed for rent in the heart of the town centre.

Shoe Zone was formerly housed within Units 1 and 2 at 61 Regent Street until its closure last summer.

The popular footwear brand then reopened in the town in August 2023, further down the same street near the Brunel Shopping Centre.

But what would people like to see replace it and what do people think about the town centre as a whole?

Our readers reacted to the news of the former Shoezone being up for sale on our Facebook page and we have compiled some of their responses below.

Chris Pullen said: "Swindon Town centre has been in decline for decades, business rates have been set way to high by central government for years, local council has tried milking the town centre by increasing parking fees whenever possible and there has been a lack of reinvestment in the town centre by successive councils for just as long.

"People rather go to Bristol and Reading to shop as there has always been a wider choice than Swindon and now shopping habits have changed everything can be found cheaper and easier online."

Hollie Newton said: "Can we hear the options ans have a poll as to what store it becomes because this is silly now why we don't get a say in this matter is beyond me."

Leah Hughes said: "Needs to be a decent shop! Not another £1 saving shop."

Vicky McWilliams said: "Not enough footfall in town for that kind of rent/rates to be paid on top of stock/ wages."

Martyn Shakespeare said: "Here comes another phone shop."

Robin Sayer said: "Don't rent it - Make them sell it.

"Everyone supports the myth that the town centre is dead because that's what the property developers would have us believe.

"Well lets wait them out - and make THEM sell it. THEY can take the loss of the downturn.

"If our town centres hadn't been bloated into high return investment opportunities for offshore developers, then regular towns people would be able to open exploratory shops, or try different things - without risking their entire livelihoods, or it being so horrifically cut throat.

"So let the developers who own the town centre take a loss for a change.

"Let them sell at less than they paid to purchase it.

"We will get out town back, and be able to afford to rent shops out.

"But what THEY want - Is for us to believe its all over, and in that way they can continue to make further profits by reclassifying shops and flats.

Trini Maican said: "If you're from Swindon and don't shop in Swindon then this is what will happen..

"Voting Brexit doesn't help either.."

Martin Gearing said: "If you got a spare £7,000 a month to rent a shop."

Frank Williams said: "I'm sure that I'll be welcoming whatever it is that replaces Shoezone with open arms as any business running and operating in our town centre is better than the building staying empty, or worse, becoming blasted flats.

"But once again all I can see is negativity, which don't get me wrong, is based on a lot of valid things, but whenever I've gone to the town centre it's been busy, there's been plenty of shops to chose from and it's been a fairly pleasant time.

"Granted, it's not what it used to be, but where is these days?"

Angelo Ignacio said: "I guess it would be silly to ask for an Ikea to move in there wouldn't it."