THE Theatre Royal in Bath presents a new staging and riveting adaptation of Agatha Christie's timeless novel And Then There Were None, directed by Lucy Bailey.

And Then There Were None is not only Agatha Christie’s most-read work, but also the best-selling crime novel of all time, with over 100 million copies sold since its first publication in 1939.

Set against the backdrop of a secluded island off the Devon coast, the play follows ten strangers who are lured there under false pretences, only to find themselves cut off from the mainland by a terrible storm.

With their hosts mysteriously absent, the true reason for their presence on the island becomes horribly clear, as secrets from their past come back to haunt each and every one of them.

Reinvented for the 21st century, this dark and captivating tale promises to keep audience members on the edge of their seats as each of the murders unfolds.

Swindon Advertiser: And Then There Were None: David Yelland as Judge Wargrave. Photo: Manuel HarlanAnd Then There Were None: David Yelland as Judge Wargrave. Photo: Manuel Harlan (Image: Manuel Harlan)

Starring Bob Barrett, Andrew Lancel and David Yelland, Lucy Bailey’s production offers a fresh take on Christie's iconic tale. As each character is systematically eliminated, the narrative unfolds, mirroring the eerie nursery rhyme that foretells their fate.

Bob Barrett delivers a solid performance as Dr Armstrong, while Andrew Lancel brings depth to the character of William Blore. David Yelland's portrayal of Judge Wargrave adds a chilling presence to the ensemble.

However, certain aspects of the production may polarize audiences. Oliver Clayton's rendition of Anthony Marsdon's death scene is overwrought, lacking the subtlety expected from Christie's narrative.

Conversely, Sophie Walter's portrayal of Vera Claythorne's demise is hauntingly visceral, capturing the character's inner turmoil with precision.

Swindon Advertiser: And Then There Were None: Bob Barrett as Doctor Armstrong. Photo: Manuel HarlanAnd Then There Were None: Bob Barrett as Doctor Armstrong. Photo: Manuel Harlan (Image: Manuel Harlan)

One notable departure from the novel is the inclusion of a peculiar dance segment, which some members of the audience may find jarring and unnecessary. While attempting to inject innovation into the production, this deviation distracts from the core mystery that captivates most of Christie's fans.

Furthermore, Christie purists may take issue with the 'woke' alterations made to key characters, particularly Mr and Mrs Rogers, who now become Georgina Rogers (Lucy Tregear) and Jane Pinchbeck (Nicola May-Taylor).

I found Nicola May-Taylor's portrayal of Jane Pinchbeck too loud and disruptive, straying from the original essence of the story.

The remainder of the cast comprises Joseph Beattie as Philip Lombard, Jeffery Kissoon as General Mackenzie, Katy Stephens as Emily Brent, and Matt Weyland as Fred Narracott, with other roles played by members of the company.

Swindon Advertiser: The cast of And Then There Were None: Photo Manuel HarlanThe cast of And Then There Were None: Photo Manuel Harlan (Image: Manuel Harlan)

Despite these criticisms, Lucy Bailey's direction successfully maintains the tension and suspense that defines Christie's narrative and keeps audiences on the edge of their seat.

The atmospheric setting of the Theatre Royal in Bath enhances the sense of isolation and paranoia that permeates the play, immersing the audience in the unfolding mystery.

A special mention must be made for the use of a semi-transparent curtain which adds a sense of foreboding to the play in a completely novel and spectacular way.

In conclusion, And Then There Were None offers a captivating reinterpretation of Agatha Christie's classic tale.

UK Theatre award-winning set and costume designer Mike Britton, lighting designer Chris Davey, sound designer and composer Elizabeth Purnell and movement direction by Ayse Tashkiran all make a vital contribution to this bold reinvention of Christie’s greatest murder mystery.

While some elements may divide opinions, the production ultimately delivers a thrilling theatrical experience that honours the legacy of one of the greatest murder-mystery writers of all time.

And Then There Were None appears at the Theatre Royal Bath to Saturday, February 24. To book tickets call the Theatre Royal Bath Box Office on 01225 448844 or visit