The departure of popular fish and chip shop owners in Swindon has caused dismay among customers.

It was confirmed on Thursday that Robin and Donna who have run Phillip's on Cricklade Road for years would be stepping away from the business in the next 'couple of weeks' having sold it to someone else. 

The Gorse Hill chippy has often been widely regarded by the people of Swindon as the best fish and chip place in town

And although Phillip's will be staying open, this news has left many upset that the long-established tenure of the Phillips family is coming to an end. 

Many commented on the Advertiser article to share their reaction and to wish Robin and Donna all the best. 

Damian Legg said: "The best chip shop in Swindon by far good luck Rob in your new adventures

Karen Hillsdon said: "Omg noooo! Absolutely gutted best chippy about."

Angela Willoughby said: "One of the best fish and chips we will miss them

Carol Szlachta said: "Definitely the best. Good luck in whatever you do next

Lynne Bradley said: "Great chippy hope the new owners will be just as good

Karen Titcombe said: "This is upsetting news fantastic fish and chip, hope Rob and Donna enjoy whatever you do and hope the new owners live up to your reputation. Will miss you

Barbara Short said: "Definitely the best fish and chips in Swindon. It's a pity they are closing but send them best wishes

Joanne Hicks said: "Best chip shop going. Food is delicious and freshly cooked gutted, New management

Paul Stein said: "I mean I'm happy for them in their next chapter. I'm also not happy that I now need to go back to another chippy I used to use when I lived on the other side of the town.

Griswold Blake said: "This is a shock hopefully whoever takes it on honours the quality and good value, I need a brandy for this news all good things end unfortunately and a pillar of the community has to change unfortunately all the best for the future to the current owners"

It is not yet known who is taking over from the family, and when exactly that will happen.