After Taco Bell found a home in Swindon town centre, another major American fast food company is looking to put down roots in the town.

A planning application has been submitted by fried chicken chain Popeyes, which is looking to open a drive-thru restaurant in the town centre.

The location of the proposed store is in Fleming Way Retail park that currently houses both Halford and The Range.

Popeyes was founded in Louisiana and opened its first UK outlet within Westfield in East London during November 2021 and has opened over 30 outlets in the intervening period.

It has a rapid expansion plan over the next few years planning the opening of 350 stores.

But what do the people of Swindon think? We took a look at the responses to the announcement article on Facebook to find out and it would appear that while some are excited about the popular chain's arrival in Swindon, others are less enthusiastic.

Here are a selection of the public comments.

Kazza Huggles said: "Another chicken shop. Oh yay!"

Dave A Morton said: "Don't get too excited people' it will be closed in six months when they realise Swindon is a non-profit town."

Swindon Advertiser:

Wayland Smith said: "A drive -thru in a car park. Sounds like a fantastic dining experience."

Zak Keegan said: "First ate this in Oxford a couple weeks back and went back into one in Liverpool and said it was such a shame we don’t have one in Swindon."

Gavin Sime said: "Like we need another food out let in this town.

"Try attracting retail shops to attract more people to the town."

Pete Lango said: "Been to Popeyes in America it’s better than KFC."

Gary Eddolls said: "Another fast food shop in the town centre, just what's needed (not)."

Kevin Cartee-Spidey said: "I'll tell you it is some good chicken."

Ben Gregory said: "Popeyes chicken is [very] awesome."

Tylee Viola Cooper said: "I love it, but it's a plan for Swindon so it's not happening for another 30 years."

Kay Cee said: "Swindon is getting lots of chicken."

Anastasia Epitropaci said: "We need a Zara no more food shops, card shops, betting shops phone shops.

"Please tell me how flannels is still standing."

Carl Robertson said: "It's nice to hear about something new opening in the town centre instead of the usual store X is closing down stories.

"It just a shame that people have to be so negative.

"If you don't like it then don't go it's that simple."

Varen Ezra Bridges said: "Taco Bell and now Popeyes? People please wake up and see this is the change we’ve been asking for."

Tim Geddes: "I was literally asking for this a week or two ago."

Jon Robinson said: "A new outlet opens in town, people moan.

"Empty premises in town, people moan.

"Can't win either way with the perpetually negative [people] in Swindon."

Terrence Herbert said: "I've never heard of it but I'm always happy to try new things at my age.

"My son seemed to know of it and he is quite happy about it."

Sonjay Achew said: "We very much do have a lot of fast food places in this town.

"Hard to tell if that's better then an empty unit or them going somewhere else and not Swindon."