Members of the public in Swindon are once again having to mourn the loss of what was considered to be a popular Italian restaurant.

Kingshill's Carbonara Trattoria & Bar has been closed for a number of months with seemingly no sign of reopening anytime soon, as it has now been listed as 'permanently closed' by Google.

This is the latest in a line of shock closures for the eatery, which first closed in December 2022 due to health reasons, when it was known as La Carbonara, just before Christmas, leaving a lot of people in the lurch for the festive season.

It was placed for sale before being re-opened by owners Lino and Sue Goncalves in the summer of 2023, before closing again due to the shock death of Sue.

Lino and his sons then kept the business going until January this year when it closed again 'due to a personal health emergency'.

The restaurant's latest turbulent development has left a lot of people who enjoyed visiting sad with many members of the public sharing their thoughts about its closure.

Diane May said: "Had some great meals there will be missed

Pauline Bridewell said: "Such a shame it was my granddaughter's favourite restaurant and also mine.

"Beautiful food and lovely staff."

Kim Morse said: "So sad to hear of the family loss, no wonder it closed. We went there for years and even used to travel back to Swindon to eat there after moving away.

"Outstanding food.

Tim Smith said: "I went there a good few times with my girl when we lived in Swindon and life was good."

Alison Midwinter said: "Wonderful restaurant , great food and atmosphere. It will be missed."

Christine Walker said: "Lovely food, hope it can be rescued. Sympathy with the owners and staff."

Giuseppe Deff Deliso said: "Sorry for the workers, and of course for owner's health issues.

"Wish you all the best with that!

"I wasn't a big fan of their food, but I'm sure the locals and the regulars will miss them."

Peter Harris said: "Best steak meal I've ever had."

Paul Govier said: "Lovely fillet steaks , and lovely restaurant."

Dave James said: "Be flats by the end of the year."

Eleanor Bird said: "Very sad for the family for what happened, but as a resident, I don’t miss the noise from the customers when leaving at night to get in there cars which were parked in our street. Very inconsiderate."

Pru Rothwell said: "Such a shame, it’s really not in the best place."

Dickson Antony said: "It feels like they've done all they can to keep it going but they're up against such a lot at the moment, let alone all of the personal stuff that has happened.

"Perhaps it might be best to finally admit defeat, as sad as it is to say."

Henry Clark-James said: "Fortunately Swindon isn't short of top quality Italian restaurants to visit, although the loss of this one is undoubtedly bad news."

Theresa Villiers said; "It's a miracle they were able to reopen at all after everything that happened.

"I feel for them at having to make this difficult decision again, but I do also feel for their customers, a friend of mine had purchased a voucher from them.

"I wonder how many people like her are out of pocket because the voucher can't be used anymore."

Terry Jane said: "I guess there are only so many times you can close and reopen before you run out of chances.

"I'll admit I had only been once, but I enjoyed that one time. I guess that will be the only time."