INTERNATIONAL recognition for his short film about a UFO conspiracy has encouraged a teenage film-maker from Swindon to start working on his first feature film.

Oliver Rogers, who featured in the Advertiser last year, is hoping to gather a volunteer cast and crew for the production.

Full Disclosure, a tale about a soldier in Wiltshire being debriefed following a secret space mission, caught the attention of UFO author Dr Michael Salla.

He had based the story on interviews with a whistleblower in the UFO community who encouraged him to extend it so it could be shown at Contact in the Desert 2017, the largest UFO convention of its kind in America.

With the help of friends, including producer Dough Kirby, a new short was written, shot and edited in the space of a month before being shown to an audience of more than 1,500 people.

The original film has had more than 11,000 views on You Tube with part two adding an additional 2600 views.

Now former New College BTEC student Oliver, 19, who decided against going to university in favour of getting to work on his career rather than writing about films, is preparing to turn it into a full-length feature.

It will have fictional narrative, but be based on a series of real-life interviews.

He has big ambitions and is hoping for around £10,000 of financial assistance that will allow his dreams to come true.

He said: “The cast and crew will be working voluntarily, including, we hope, a celeb or two. However we want this to look as good as the script and acting are, so we need to hire professional kit.”

The team needs help with sets, locations, prop hire and transport.

“We’re making the film anyway, but are looking for investment which will help make it look and sound the best it can,” he said.

Doug, who has acted small parts in big films and cult TV such as Dr Who, produces and directs his own work as well as teaching at tertiary colleges. His one-shot short film Edge is currently doing the rounds of film festivals around the world.

He said: “Oliver’s passion for filmmaking has always impressed me, his zeal for this subject and obvious knowledge persuaded me to get involved. I cannot wait to begin filming what will be an epic story.”

The film will be shot in a film noir style harking back to classics like The Day the Earth Stood Still and Cape Fear. British hip hop stars Eric the Red and Sean Peng of Creatures of Habit are providing the soundtrack.

It covers a controversial subject and even on the crew there is a range of sceptics, believers and people who are undecided about the existence of unidentified flying objects and conspiracies surrounding them.

Oliver and his team are raising money through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and have so far managed to win just over £600.

More information is available online at