Stephen K Amos recently brought his famous stand-up to Swindon and the town was firmly in the comic's acerbic sights.

The well-liked comic wanted Friday night audiences to relax and have a laugh at the Swindon Arts Centre as he tested new material for a new show in the future.

Instead of having a warm-up act, Stephen treated his audience to a bumper stand-up session in two halves - one half was a conventional routine and then Amos returned with a notepad of disjointed ideas that he was working on for a full tour. 

The first-half focused on life throughout and after the pandemic and how it has affected people, with the very show itself being delayed for two years because of the coronavirus.

The second more experimental half saw Stephen trying to answer some of life's bigger questions, with the jokes about how his parents were when he was younger proving to be extremely popular. 

The crowd lapped up his audience interaction segments that he scattered throughout his routine, making light of a family sat in the front row who own a labelling business and the fact they made their wives sit behind them. 

Amos also clashed with a particularly over-zealous heckler who proved to be a thorn in his side throughout, but despite being sarcastic and cutting, his comebacks were good-natured and intended to draw laughs only, which was what Stephen said the night was all about. 

But the best moments of the night were when Stephen took aim at the town itself, again in a light-hearted way.

He mispronounced Swindon, he criticised the Arts Centre as being a 'heating-less bunker', he insinuated that Swindon was racist and backwards (but not as backwards as other towns) 

He even took comedic aim at The Adver saying that he always looks at the local paper of places he's touring and that it looks like 'nothing happens' in Swindon. 

The Arts Centre was almost full for the Bafta-nominated comedian and Have I Got News For You panellist and judging from the laughter erupting within the small auditorium everyone enjoyed seeing Amos do what he does best. 

For Amos, who wanted to see everyone come together and laugh after a hard two years and leave a lasting impression, things could've gone a little smoother for him, but the seasoned pro delivered a fun night as promised.