SWINDON is a town well known for its industrial and technological achievements, but the Summer Youth Project's Wizard of Oz show proves it's also a town with a whole lot of talent.

I must confess I'd never seen a Summer Youth Project before. Still, once I had seen dozens and dozens of children dressed as brightly coloured munchkins literally packing the Wyvern Stage and auditorium, I was instantly sold on them. 

Not only does an amateur show like this gives the town's children with an interest in performing arts a fantastic opportunity, but for everyone in the audience it's a very entertaining show. 

The scale of the Summer Youth Project is huge - there are more children you can count. There's a revolving stage, pyrotechnics, snow and bubbles. They literally throw everything at it. 

And then, at the show's centre are the young people lucky enough to play the main parts - Bethany Tunley as Dorothy, Daisy Hughes as Glinda, Abbie Selby as the Wicked Witch, Josh Gasparro as the Tinman, Louise Aust as the Cowardly Lion, Grayson Jell as Scarecrow and Harrison Thomas Darley as the Wizard of Oz. 

Swindon Advertiser: A huge ensemble shines in Summer Youth Project's Wizard of Oz

Believe me when I say I'm not being hyperbolic here - but each and every one of these youngsters absolutely smashed it - as did the larger supporting cast playing some of the smaller characters from the iconic story.

The singing, the characterisations, the mannerisms - even things like the costume changes were all superbly well done and extremely professional. 

If one of these young people doesn't make it big on the stage or the screen I'd be incredibly surprised.

The production itself was great, with lots of moving parts, and lots of costumes and whoever worked on the Tinman, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion costumes needs a big pat on the back - they were great.

As an amateur production with so many moving parts, there were inevitably some minor teething issues and technical difficulties, but such was the professionalism of those on and off stage that everyone kept going and these became barely noticeable. 

I would have also liked the music to be just a little bit quieter as it did drown out some of the younger performers who weren't able to project as loudly. 

Parents being dragged to watch their children in performances is a well-worn joke often used in the media, but with the Summer Youth Project and their Wizard of Oz, it was a genuine privilege to be in the audience!