MATTHEW DOBSON, marketing manager at GWP Packaging, tells us about his life with food...

Do you cook a lot yourself? What is your failsafe dish?

My wife is definitely the talented one when it comes to cooking, although I usually cook once or twice a week (quite often at weekends). I think my paella is probably my best dish, although others may disagree.

Where do you like to eat out? How often?

Silks on the Downs is probably my favourite, although Fratellos is also a popular choice and the Bolingbroke Arms gets an honourable mention. With two kids under two we don’t get to eat out that often at the moment though!

What do you always hope to find on a menu? For starter? Main course? Dessert?

You can’t go wrong with prawns, a well-cooked (ie: rare) steak and a cheesecake. I’ll nearly always buy olives if I see them on the menu as well.

Which foods did you hate as a child? Do you eat them now?

Mushrooms. They are about the only food that even now I really can’t bear the thought of.

What’s your favourite drink? Alcoholic and non-alcoholic?

I do enjoy a Peroni (or three) now and then. I guess a very strong coffee would be my normal choice for a non-alcoholic drink as I tend to drink it in industrial quantities.

Marmite: yes or no?

Emphatically yes!

What’s your guilty pleasure when it comes to food...something you know you shouldn’t eat, but do anyway?

Any junk food really, although I particularly enjoy a KFC.

You are on your own at home watching a film. What is your snack of choice?

A big bag of crisps! If I was pushed for a flavour it would probably have to be cheese and onion. If I was feeling particularly slobbish I’d maybe have some Maltesers as well.

You are eating a bacon sandwich... ketchup, brown sauce or nothing at all?

Usually ketchup, although I do like brown as well.