Snack on these vibrant veggie rolls.

Cornwall's finest, chef Rick Stein, borrowed these colourful aubergine rolls from a home cook he met in Sausalito, just across the bay from San Francisco, while on his East coast and Mexican foodie adventure.

Whip them up as part of a mezze to share, or simply tuck into them as a light and refreshing lunch.


(Serves four as a starter or part of a mezze)

2 aubergines

4tbsp olive oil

175g feta cheese

175g ricotta cheese

Small handful flat leaf parsley, chopped

5-6 rasps freshly grated nutmeg

10 turns from the black pepper mill

1.5tbsp capers, chopped

To serve:

100g mixed rocket, watercress and baby spinach

Juice of 1/2 lemon

2tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Seeds from 1/2 pomegranate

Salt and pepper


1. Cut the aubergines lengthwise into slices about 5mm thick. You should get about six slices from each aubergine. Brush the aubergine slices on both sides with oil and grill them in batches on a barbecue or griddle pan for three to four minutes on each side until browned, tender and pliable. Set them aside.

2. Mash the feta and ricotta in a bowl with a fork and add the parsley, nutmeg and black pepper. Stir in the capers.

3. Spoon a generous tablespoon of filling on to the wide end of each aubergine slice and roll it up like a Swiss roll.

4. To serve, arrange the salad leaves on a platter, dress them with lemon juice and olive oil, then season. Arrange the aubergine rolls on top, seam-side down, and decorate them with pomegranate seeds. Serve at room temperature as a starter or part of a mezze.

The Road To Mexico by Rick Stein, photography by James Murphy, is published by BBC Books, priced £26. Available now.