ROCKER Steve Grimmett who lost his leg earlier this year is back on stage and set to perform at a charity gig in Chiseldon this Saturday.

It will be the first charity show he has done since the amputation and it will help the parish church pay for vital renovation work on the walls.

“I’ve only done one-off shows,” he said. “I’m not actually touring until next year. I just want to make sure that I can do it and everything’s OK before I take on a tour.”

He is looking forward to the concert which will raise money for the renovation of walls inside Holy Cross Church. “This is the first time that I’ve done anything acoustic,” he said. “The stuff that we have rehearsed for the show is sounding really good.”

His physical recovery since the operations that resulted in his leg being amputated above the knee in January while he was on tour in South America is going well.

“I’m getting so much stronger it is unreal. I don’t think I’ve this strong for a long, long time. My upper body strength is gaining every month.”

Recently he had to have his prosthetic adjusted because his fitness had improved so much his stump was no longer sitting in it correctly.

“The biggest worry I have is actually falling on stage and now I have got to train everybody, including the stage hands, that no wires can be visible for me to trip over.”

He still goes to rehabilitation sessions and said he was inspired by fellow amputees’ positive attitudes, especially members of the military. A remote-controlled model aeroplane hobbyist, he is also a fan of fighter pilot Douglas Bader who lost both his legs in a plane crash but flew wearing tin prosthetics.

Caroline Jones, one of the organisers of the show, explained the appeal was originally set up to raise £15,000 but it was discovered more work was needed. Luckily the fundraisers have so far managed to raise £23,000 with a range of events including several concerts.

“This is the last concert that we are doing,” she said. “It should be a fantastic night.”

Steve and Caroline’s husband Gavin will be the opening act, performing an acoustic set of well-known rock numbers including Deep Purple’s Soldier of Fortune and Scorpions’ Wind of Change.

The friends sometimes play gigs together when Steve isn’t touring with Grim Reaper.

“We thought we would do something a bit different so we have taken some classic rock songs and given them an acoustic treatment.”

Gavin said Steve gave a lot of support to young bands and good causes, which was one of the reasons so many people rallied round when he lost his leg.

Tickets for the Rock for Renovation gig, which also features local bands The Lost Hills and Chesterfield Supper Club, are available from Oakleys Spar or Holmes Music in Swindon. The show starts at 7.30pm.