Flicky Harrison gets lowdown on town’s up and coming trio

SWINDON band The Harlers were mentioned in despatches by NME last month.

The alt rock band were featured by the famous music magazine as an Emerging Artist in the January edition.

The trio began as a duo in 2015, with Chris Pritchard playing guitars and singing and Jamie Warren playing drums. They worked on various musical projects to create what was to become The Harlers’ sound.

They were joined by Mitch Malone on bass guitar last year, giving what he describes as the ‘growling bottom end’ of the band to push them to the next level.

“Chris and Jaime gained an intimate musical understanding, initially mixing blues rock with an alternative twist,’’ said Mitch said: “They wrote songs of personal tales about love and loss including the first demo Eyes On You and our single Get Away.’’

Since Mitch jumped on board The Harlers have been continually pushing their musical boundaries including releasing a debut EP called Morning Light.

“We play foot-stumping drum grooves, growling bass tones, piercing guitars and powerful and vibrant vocals,’’ said Mitch. “We create that modern garage rock sound.’’

The Harlers will be headlining at a home town gig at The Vic, Victoria Road, Old Town on Saturday, February 17 from 8.30pm.

The band are hoping to play a number of summer festivals this year including The Great Escape in Brighton, which is held on the beach.

Mitch said: “We’ve also been nominated for Best Rock Act for the Unsigned Music Awards which is held in Brighton in May so we’re looking forward to that one too!’’

The boys have been back in the studio to record a follow up single to Morning Light, in time for their Swindon gig.

The trio aim to give a darker sound to the EP. They have been recording a number of tracks from their set.

Mitch explains that the name The Harlers was quite a simple choice. “The name simply describes us wanting to be a part of something that other people can relate to. We all want to be a part of a gang, a movement that we can belong to,’’ he said.

The trio will be supported by London-based Bloody English, a five-piece who play rock ‘n’ roll spiked with punk and metalTickets are £3 to see the band in action at the Old Town pub and they are available from https://thevicswindon.com/event/the-harlers-bloody-english/ - Flicky Harrison