Rejuvenating Swindon’s hip hop community and bringing the art of break dancing to another generation is the aim of a new group.

The regular class, which will begin in March and be held at Stratton’s Grange Leisure Centre, will give young children and adults the chance to experience the dance form.

The classes, run by local break dancer Banxy, aim to capture the spirit of Swindon’s old hip hop scheme.

Banxy, real name Richard Banks, said: “It’s just starting up something new in this area. I teach everywhere else, it’s just never hit Stratton and this part of community.

“Swindon’s been brilliant on the hip hop scene, it has been for years. We had a big scene here.

“We used to run a community place called The Farm in West Swindon, but as soon as I stop running stuff, it dies.

“We just want to regenerate and get the scene going again.”

At a taster session held at the Grange Leisure Centre, around 10 young budding hip hop stars took their first steps into the world of street dancing.

Gary Turland, the senior sports and fitness development officer at the centre, said:

“I’m always trying to look for new things to put on in the community, and if it is fun and brings the kids together, I’m keen.

“Growing up, I’ve always been a big fan of hip hop and the break dancing scene.

“My mum actually went to school with Banxy, and he’s been and done it all.

“Here he is – the man himself. He’s here ready to go again.”

The regular, termly sessions will begin in March, and those interested should contact 01793825525.