SINGER/songwriters from different sides of the Atlantic have teamed up to form a theatrical, musical duo entitled Son of Town Hall.

David Berkeley from Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Ben Parker, a multi-instrumentalist from London got together in 2007, and they will be bringing their mythical world to Cricklade.

David said: “We tried to make an imaginative and transportivmusi-theatric endeavour never before experienced.’’

The duo have created a musical adventure set at sea where they sail across the Atlantic ocean in search of new lands on the junk raft called Son of Town Hall, singing in harmony all the way.

“You learn a lot on the high seas,’’ said David.

“Skills and endurance you didn’t know you possessed. Music and storytelling keep us afloat, that is the bond and we develop a blend and a sound that makes even the sea creatures pay attention.’’

The musicians dress in Victorian era costumes and board their raft on Thursday, March 8 for the monthly acoustic night in Cricklade.

Before setting sail with David, the English musician was one half of the singer/songwriting duo of Ben and Jason, who released three albums on Go! Beat/Universal called Hello, Emoticons and Ten Songs About You. They collaborated with Mundy and Martine MCutcheon and their biggest hit was Air Guitar which made it into the UK charts. They split in 2003 and Ben first founded the band Lux Luther and then went solo, appearing on the 2004 CD, Scissors In My Pocket, by Polly Paulisma and working with Sophie Solomon on her second solo studio album.

Ben composed the music for the BBC3 sitcom How Not To Live Your Life and worked on the John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy, as the music tutor, arranger and producer.

Joining Son of Town Hall at The Old Stables, is Northern Ireland’s Matt McGinn, a songwriter who has been a lynch-pin on the Irish music scene for a quite a while. Originating in a village in the Mourne Mountains called Hilltown, Matt is a singer/songwriting performing folk and rock. In 2017, Matt’s project Lessons of War took him around the world collaborating with musicians from countries affected by conflict including those at France’s infamous refugee camp at Calais.

Son of Town Hall play at The Old Stables, behind The White Hart Hotel, in High Street, Cricklade from 8pm on Thursday March 8. Tickets are £10 from Flicky Harrison