GOLDEN buzzer glory has seen a SALOS star catapualted to the semi-finals of Ireland's Got Talent.

Swindon theatre performer Christopher King has featured in major roles at the Wyvern for town theatre company Swindon Amateur Light Operatic Society (SALOS)

The 29-year-old was fast-tracked to the latter stages of the competition via the golden buzzer system. Reserved for especially promising contestants, the buzzer was activated by the show's presenter Lucy Kennedy, sparking emotional scenes on stage.

Televised by Irish station TV3 on Saturday, King covered Keith Whitley's country classic, Don't Close Your Eyes, and received unanimous approval from the panel of judges.

Denise van Outen voiced her praise after the performance: "You have got a really lovely, lovely tone to your voice, it's a really easy listen. I think now you've had this experience, things can only improve from here."

Fellow judge Louis Walsh agreed: "I didn't think it was note perfect, but that's fine. I know you're nervous, but I think potentially you're really, really good."

However, it was Lucy Kennedy who ultimately took the decision into her own hands when she pressed the buzzer.

The presenter said: "I know in my heart that this boy will be in the final."

Christopher, originally from Limerick but raised in the UK from the age of four, fought against tears in the immediate aftermath of the achievement.

He joined SALOS (formally known as the Swindon Light Operatic Society) in 2015 when his friend Carrie Barras, also a member, encouraged him to overcome his nerves and audition for a part in Sister Act.

He went on to land the role of PJ in that production, but continues to work as a hairdresser professionally.

Despite those nerves resurfacing during his Ireland's Got Talent display, it would appear the experience of auditioning in Swindon helped him to build confidence.

Judith Sharp, secretary of the SALOS musical theatre society in Swindon, was proud to see the singer do so well.

She said: "He's brilliant, he has a beautiful voice.

"Christopher has performed a number of critical roles for us."

She added: "We wish him every success in Ireland’s Got Talent. We are sure he has a wonderful performing career ahead of him."

The Ireland's Got Talent semi-finals are scheduled to take place later in March.