The Who were one of the first band’s I ever saw live. It was 1975 in Duisberg, Germany and the concert and light show were out of this world.

So when I saw Pete Townshend’s brother, Simon, was in town, it was a no brainer I had to check it out.

Simon brought his own band and his own sound to the The Vic, playing catchy, powerful songs played from the heart.

For me this was rock as it should be, solid and strong with pumped up melody and hard hitting lyrics.

It called to the free spirit still lurking within the enthusiastic crowd, mainly of a certain age, but with a healthy smattering of the younger generation.

My pals all agreed that Simon was the better singer than his bro. Pete probably has the edge on guitar, but only just and Simon has more of an engaging personality. It draws his audience towards him.

He encouraged us to click on his current video, She Asked Me, and gave us a taster of the lilting song which has a haunting hook that stays in your head.

Other numbers on the night included a fab little ditty called Bed of Roses that had the swashbuckling guitars in total step, pure close vocal harmonies and a monster finish.

Simon has chosen his band mates well with a manic bass man who looks a lot like Wilko Johnson, a young drummer who controlled the old rockers with a steady beat and a lead guitarist that in no way disgraced the maestro with his soaring blues rock riot.

Simon’s acoustic version of Way It Is had a few guitar problems so he called back his band, who had never played the song, to help him out, and the crowd warmed to him even more.

Still Love and I’m Alright nearly brought the rafters down as the guys let rip showing we can entice such exceptional talents to Swindon and make them welcome.

The guys rocked up a couple of credible Who classics but Simon does not live off the back of his famous brother he is the real deal in his own right.

- Flicky Harrison