It's nearly 50 years since four guys from Birmingham released their debut LP, the self-titled Black Sabbath single-handedly changing the face of rock and essentially creating heavy metal.

As time as ticked by the line-up has fluctuated, along with the sobriety of frontman Ozzy.

The Ten Year War box set is a triumph of the Ozzy Osbourne-fronted years, a collection of eight vinyl LPs (reproduced in their original sleeves): Black Sabbath; Paranoid; Master of Reality; Vol 4; Sabbath Bloody Sabbath; Sabotage; Technical Ecstasy; and Never Say Die.

As a bonus there are also two rare 7-inch singles - the Japanese version of Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games with Me)/Black Sabbath and Paranoid/The Wizard (Chilean release). This is all before you get to the USB stick of the first eight albums.

The quality is outstanding even compared to the 2009 remastering. What with the richness of Tony Iommi's guitar and the other worldly vocals of Osbourne, yes, it's easy to forget how talented the now reality TV celebrity is.