SEAN Kelly, host of Storage Hunters, was working as an auctioneer when he came up with the idea for the successful TV programme.

He had always wanted to create his own television show and it was during a storage auction that he finally hit on the perfect formula.

Sean said: “I was the auctioneer and there were these two guys that came to a fist fight over the lots.

“So I took the idea to Los Angeles and they told me I was crazy, no one would be interested in a programme about storage auctions. I stuck to my guns and bought Google Adwords targeting Santa Monica, and three weeks later I was approached by a production company.”

Sean and his fellow hosts on the show, T-Money aka Tarrell Wright and Green Mile aka Cameron Rowe, met when doing the rounds of the comedy store clubs.

When filming began on his TV series Sean called on his friends.

“I needed a bodyguard and Green Mile was the biggest man I knew,” he said.

The show in both the US and the UK became a hit, even spawning a celebrity Storage Hunters and 136 episodes later, Sean and his comedy cohorts are now taking their show to the stage.

A Night of Comedy and Charity Auction is touring the UK and Sean will be stopping off at the Wyvern in Swindon on Thursday, October 26.

Part of his show will be telling tales of his colourful career, including his time in the army. He was brought up in Germany and when he enlisted he was offered fast-track promotion if he became a German translator.

“I spent eight months translating top secret communications from behind the Berlin wall. When the wall came down I was shipped off to Iraq to take part in Desert Storm.

“Like many veterans I have had health issues since coming home as a result of my service, so I support the Help For Heroes charity wherever I can,” said Sean.

The comedian performed at the Edinburgh Fringe for the first time this year, doing 50 shows in just 25 days and raising £8,500 for the charity.

When he comes to Swindon Sean is asking his audience to bring along an item to be auctioned for the charity as part of the show.

“It can be any old tat, car boot items, anything funny or cheeky,” he said.

It was again through his auctioneering that Sean landed a headline slot in Las Vegas.

“I was doing a charity auction with the film star Dan Ackroyd and actor Brad Garrett, who played Robert Barone in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

“Brad said he was opening a club is Las Vegas so I told him I was really a comedian and he booked me for three summers in a row to headline his club,” said Sean.

The comedian is celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary this month with his wife Lori, who has supported him all the way with his comedy.

“We met through friends we had in common because she too has been in the army, she was breaking encrypted codes and then in the CIA,” said Sean. “But she gave it up to support me in my career.”

The comedian has a three-wish list for the future — to make more TV programmes, to write his life story and to become a motivational speaker helping young people.

Tickets to see Sean, and to meet him afterwards as he likes to chat to his fans, are £24.50 from 01793 524481 or visit

— Flicky Harrison