MUSICAL maverick Shaun Buswell is returning to hometown Swindon to launch his new album Stitched Shoes and An Irish Wristwatch with a live performance of the entire album.

The concert, at the Swindon Arts Centre on Saturday, will feature some 26 musicians, who will play 145 different parts, in 45 minutes.

Shaun, who was born and grew up in Swindon, spent seven years creating the new album, released by Secret Chord Records. It was produced by Erik Nyberg and recorded in a studio in Sweden, which added to the difficulties getting the project finished

“I was travelling back and forth to Sweden to record it. My colleague owns a studio out there,” he explained.

Shaun and his band spent a thousand hours in the studio, creating and recording a variety of music he says has been described as ‘folkestral’ – with elements of folk and orchestral music.

While Shaun admits recording the album and planning a live performance with so many musical parts was a challenge, he says difficulty is something he steers into – rather than away from.

“I like challenges and try to push things, and do things that are difficult,” he said. “I’m very pleased and proud of the music – and this is going to be an amazing feat, for everyone on board.”

The album has 11 new songs, and features and orchestra, as well as some less familiar instruments such as the erhu – a Chinese two-stringed instrument, played with a bow.

Shaun now lives between Swindon and London, and says he has an enduring fondness for the town of his childhood. Paradoxically, he reckons a lack of music facilities in the town could stimulate aspiring musicians to try harder – which perhaps fits with his own love of a challenge.

“There are not really good outlets for people to hear about music, and that struggle can sometimes give people fire in their belly,” he said.

Sean’s own favourite listening is an eclectic mix – including classical music, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley and Otis Redding. In terms of musical influence, however, he reckons life experience offers the greatest inspiration.

“I’m inspired by the things going on around me – it’s story-telling,” he said.

Shaun is described as a musician, comedian and musical challenger. These challenges have included a 2011 project to compose and write music for the Royal Wootton Bassett Orchestra, and to perform a one-off show in Swindon in aid of UK charity Kick 4 Life. In 2012, he attempted a year-long challenge to form an orchestra from strangers he met, travelling as passengers on the London Underground for Daytrippers, a charity supporting disabled and terminally ill children and young people.

Last year, Shaun and Erik Nyberg formed a 27-piece orchestra from strangers they met in Paris, write and arranged an album of music with the group, then recorded 12 songs in six hours for a live studio album.

Shaun and his band have also featured on MTV and the BBC, as well as reaching number one in the Amazon Hot 100 CD singles chart.

Tickets for the Swindon performance, which begins at 7.30pm, are £11 with concessions £2 off. People working for the emergency services, the NHS or military, are also welcome to a £2 discount for the show, as Shaun wishes to recognise the contribution they make. To book, call 10793 524481 or visit