WILTSHIRE Council is currently recycling 48 per cent of the household waste in its area and is on track to achieve its target of 50 per cent well ahead of 2014.

The council says contracts for treatment of non-recycled waste at the Lakeside energy from waste plant and the mechanical biological treatment plant under construction in Westbury, which is due to be operational by September 2013, has had an impact.

The council’s waste and recycling collection services was considered by council leaders on Tuesday, November 6.

Cabinet approved an updated waste management strategy, which includes consultation and research on how waste and recycling collection services are managed and how the materials collected can be used, as well as how waste and recycling services can be more efficient.

Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for waste and recycling, said: “We need to look at how these services can be best provided in the future, so we provide a good service while reducing the impact on the environment.”