AN UNEMPLOYED chemical engineer hung himself just days before he was due to return to Australia for a fresh start.

George Alevizos had a history of depression and had struggled to find work before taking his own life on December 16, 2011.

The 44-year-old, who lived with his sister Evelyn, in Grange Park, had moved to Swindon from Bucks two months before.

Miss Alevizos told his inquest that her brother had been an 'outgoing, confident, very generous' person before becoming depressed.

He had been due to fly to Australia, where he was born and still had family, on December 19 to turn his life around.

Miss Alevizos also said she had tried in vain to obtain his medical documentation from his former doctors' surgery ahead of his move, but did not receive a reply after her brother's consent for the data to be released went to his hospital rather than the surgery.

She found his body hanging from the bannisters of their home in Cleves Close after returning home from work.

Dr Emma Bullock, of Marlow Medical Group in Bucks, said Mr Alevizos had suffered from depression but his condition had improved by May 2011.

She said: "He was much better. He had started driving again and gradually building up his confidence.

"He was talking about going back to Australia to see his family. He was very confident about this.

"It was for the longer term to go back and live in Australia. It was something he talked about in subsequent meetings as well."

Elizabeth Harrison, of the Central East Community Mental Health team in Amersham, also said Mr Alevizos had shown signs of improvement.

She said: "He was improving. He was gently increasing his functioning and had started driving again.

"It was important to him to be independent."

Dr Rajiv Sharma, who works at Amersham Hospital where Mr Alevizos had received treatment, said he had only shown 'residual' signs of depression towards the time he was discharged from the care of the mental health team in July 2011.

Alistair Penman, a manager for the adult community mental health services, admitted at Salisbury Coroners Court that the family should have been advised to make a complaint over their concerns with the patients advice and liason service.

He said: "I think that it's clear there remains concerns from family members with regards to the process and with regards to us listening to concerns raised by family members."

Mr Alevizos moved to Swindon in October but despite the improvements had become withdrawn and rarely left his house.

Assistant deputy coroner Ian Singleton recorded a verdict of suicide.

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