A COUPLE held in a Filipino jail are still awaiting the hearings of two cases which have again been adjourned.

Kevin and Charlene Taylor, who are accused of running an illegal employment racket, have been locked up for more than four years while they await trial.

The couple, who have three young children, are being held in squalid conditions at San Mateo jail, in Rizal, east of the country’s capital Manila.

They face two out of the 25 original charges and could be released on bail – but only if Kevin’s parents, who have already spent their life savings on the case, can find £5,000 bail for the pair.

The pair were due to have their final two hearings at the beginning of this month but both have been pushed back another month, much to the frustrations of Kevin’s parents.

Gerald Taylor, Kevin’s dad, said: “Kevin was supposed to be up for a hearing on March 8 but that has been put back to April 8.

“He was also due to be up on March 11 and that has also been put back a month because of a lack of evidence.

“We thought this month we would get some progress but we are still in the same boat and we are still waiting.

“For us it is very frustrating because we don’t know what is going on.

“I think a meeting has been set up with the hierarchy in the Philippines to see why it keeps getting put back.”

For the last four years Gerald and Mary Taylor have been sending money and parcels to their son to help him through his ordeal at San Mateo jail.

But the pensioners have come to the bottom of the barrel and are hoping that the kindness of others will go some way in helping towards freeing Kevin.

Kevin and Charlene could be released on bail when the hearings are finally heard but only if Gerald and Mary can get together around £5,000 as a guarantor if he absconds.

Gerald and Mary are looking for help in raising the money should Kevin and Charlene be put up for bail and anybody interested in helping can contact Gerald by emailing gerald333@btinternet.com.

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson said: “I am very disappointed Kevin and Charlene’s case has been postponed yet again by the Philippines legal system. “I have held further urgent discussions with the Foreign Office and as a result our Consul at the British Embassy is going to raise the matter with the Ambassador. “The case is also being discussed with the Ministry of Justice both in the UK and the Philippines. In addition we are raising it with the organisation Fair Trials Abroad.

“I am in regular touch with Kevin’s parents and understand how worrying this must be for them. “We are really in the hands of the Philippines justice system, but I will keep pushing to have the case resolved as soon as possible”.