RESIDENTS are angry over plans to build two sewage storage tanks on Queen Elizabeth Drive.

Thames Water last month announced plans to spend £4.5m building the stores, with one at either end of the road.

The company say the tanks are needed to help capture wastewater from houses during times of rain and are vital to deal with the future increase of houses in the area.

However, residents have said the plans are both insufficient and will create many problems both during and after construction.

“We are determined this will not go ahead,” said Brian McLean, 57, who lives in Queen Elizabeth Drive.

“If needs be people are prepared to lie down in front of trucks to prevent them starting the work.

“Why should we all pay the price for other people’s waste?”

The residents have numerous complaints about the proposals put forward by Thames Water.

They argue the tanks will not be of sufficient size to deal with the extra 10,000 houses due to be built.

“There are no plans to make any changes to the pumping system, only to increase the amount of storage,” said Brian.

“We are facing the possibility of having trucks carrying human waste through a residential area.”

The proposal put forward by Thames Water means putting the storage tanks underground and they say they will make good any damage caused by the works.

But Brian is not so positive about this.

“Where they are planning to build is a beautiful piece of land that has taken years to fully develop and now it will be ruined by this development,” he said. “Some of the trees are 15 years old and they cannot be replaced.”

The residents have identified a number of other problems the stores could cause.

Each of the tanks will have a six-metre ventilation pipe which will emit odours from the household waste very close to the housing.

They also believe huge problems will be caused during the construction period, which could last from nine months to a year.

The residents believe the roads are not wide enough for the trucks and many are not happy at a construction site appearing opposite their house for a year.

Brian said: “We understand more sewage work needs to be built but this is not the best way. It is a band aid solution which will not work long term.”

The residents have proposed another plan which involves putting the storage tanks on the Mouldon Hill area, away from housing, but they say Thames Water has not listened.

The residents have gained the support of their local councillors.

“I am totally behind the residents on this issue,” said Coun Emma Faramarzi (Con, Priory Vale).

“We need to look into why the proposal needs to be so close to houses.

“We did invite representatives from Thames Water to answer questions from residents but they cancelled two hours before the meeting.”

A spokesman for Thames Water said: “We are continuing to meet with residents and officials to take on board any feedback before we put in our planning application.

“Questions have been raised over the location of the work and we will be looking again at the placement of the tanks.”