MUSIC lovers were treated to a unique performance on Sunday at the Old Town Bowl. The 30-piece Underground Orchestra joined a variety of bands, ranging from punk to hip hop, on stage to introduce Swindon to a blend of classical and modern.

The concert rounded off a weekend of live music in Old Town as the annual SN1 Fest took place. The event finale saw an hour long DJ set from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens. Shaun Buswell, 33, was the brains behind bringing the orchestra to Swindon to perform on stage with local bands. He said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone.

All the musicians, singers and songwriters get to perform in a way they will never have done before and the people of Swindon get to see something totally unique. “It sounds brilliant when everything comes together. I guarantee that everyone will leave overwhelmed by what they hear.” Shaun, who originally comes from Stratton, formed the orchestra made up of people he met on the London Underground last year.

“I really wanted to give the opportunity to local bands and song writers of all styles,” he said. “If we get a really good response from people then it is something I want to bring back in future years.

“I would really like to give young bands the chance because it is something most will never have the opportunity to do.” The stage at the Bowl was not big enough to hold both the bands and the orchestra so an extension to the stage was added. Ellie Verkerk, 33, conducted the orchestra for the performances. She said: “It is been great learning the different musical styles of the singers and songwriters.

“They work in such a different way to what most of the orchestra are used to. They are used to reading music and then performing it in a set manner. “Having spent time with the bands many are now far more relaxed in their approach and have taken so much away from the day. “This is a great event as music is such an important part of our culture, no matter what our backgrounds.”

SN1 Fest has been running for a number of years and is traditionally a one day event celebrating local dance music. However, it was extended this year to encompass a wider range of musical styles. The first day was hit by high winds and heavy rain but this did not stop more than 650 revellers enjoying a variety of performances. On the Sunday, the weather improved and the Bowl was packed out for the orchestra’s special show.