GARY MABBUTT, the former Tottenham Hotspur legend and England international, is at the forefront of a new partnership in Swindon which will aid the town’s quest to save water.

Gary, 52, is now an ambassador for Spurs, but it is his role as director of Wow, a water-free cleaning solution, which brought him to Foxhill near Liddington on Monday.

Swindon Town’s training ground in the village was the setting for the launch of a new alliance between Wow (Without Water) and Thames Water, which will promote the products as part of the water company’s latest campaign.

Britain’s first single-town water-efficiency campaign, Save Water Swindon – a partnership between Worldwide Fund for Nature, Waterwise, Swindon Council, Action for the River Kennet and Thames Water – is aiming to save one million litres of water a day by 2014.

Since its launch in 2010, Swindon residents have risen to the challenge, slashing their water use and getting two thirds of the way of the one million-litres-a-day target.

And now there is a new product being backed to help save a precious few extra litres each time a resident washes their vehicle or home.

Gary, who also played for Bristol Rovers during his career, said: “We have linked up with Thames Water to highlight the fact we have made a product which allows you to wash your car without any water.

“We have several contracts with companies across the country and three of those have saved one million litres of water per year.

“We hope to have the same effect in Swindon.”

The waterless cleaning concept has been around for about the past 15 years, with virtually all of the products available having been imported from America, then renamed and branded for the European markets.

Wow products use unique biodegradable, eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions which leave a protective coating that repels dirt and rain and helps protect the surface.

Gary said users will have no need for hoses, sponges, buckets, or lots of different products to clean their vehicle.