THANKS to the Friends of Swindon Railway Museum, the STEAM Museum has now acquired a painting produced by internationally acclaimed artist and muralist Ken White.

The oil on canvas painting, entitled The Rivet Hotters, depicts a group of GWR rivet hotters gathered round a brazier, making their toast at lunchtime. The Rivet Hotters is one of many paintings in Ken’s collection that reflect the time he spent at the famous Swindon Railway Works as a rivet hotter and later as a signwriter.

Ken White said of the painting, which is one of a collection of more than 30 GWR pieces: “I wanted to document my working in the GWR at Swindon Works: the atmosphere, noise, smells and the larger-than-life characters that I remember.”

Coun Garry Perkins, cabinet member for economy, regeneration and culture, said: “The Rivet Hotters is a perfect complement to the permanent themed displays in the foundry area at STEAM.

“Our thanks go to the Friends of Swindon Railway Museum who have purchased this very important painting by Ken White and donated it to the STEAM collection.”

Visitors to STEAM will be able to view The Rivet Hotters on permanent display in the Foundry area of the Museum.

Alan Wild, chairman of the Friends of Swindon Railway Museum, said: “We are very pleased to have been able to secure the painting for the enjoyment of future visitors to the museum.”