AN ALIEN invasion puzzled pupils at Liden Primary School, who spent an entire week uncovering the truth behind UFO sightings and unsettling evidence of extraterrestrial goings-on in Swindon.

Children came into school last Monday morning to find classrooms cordoned off and two police officers investigating a bizarre scene.

At their morning assembly, pupils were informed that the caretaker had discovered mysterious metal debris that had crash landed in the courtyard.

They were later shown a video message from a scientist asking them to keep their eyes peeled.

Carefully planned by staff who fed pupils droplets of information each day, the mock alien invasion was the chance for children to take part in a variety of artistic and educational activities as well as honing in their investigative and problem-solving skills. The event also inspired pupils to produce some clever reports about their findings.

Tuesday brought more clues to the little detectives as they arrived at school to find slimy footprints had appeared in a classroom, along the corridor, on some doors, and leading outside.

The following day, a nest containing glowing eggs was spotted by a tree.

The caretaker, wearing protective clothing, carried it into the hushed and dimly lit assembly hall for the children to see.

On Thursday the eggs and metal spaceship parts had vanished. Instead triangle shapes had appeared on the school field in what looked like a launch site. A message etched in strange letters left to the children said: “Goodbye Earthlings and thank you.”

Deputy headteacher Emma O’Neill said: “The children have been fully engaged. They have become confident risk-takers with their learning. Childhood is about using their imagination and having fun.

“This was a memorable experience the children won’t forget.”