TRAFFIC is moving as normal on the M4 westbound carriageway after a two-lane closure earlier this afternoon caused 30-minute delays east of Junction 16.

A serious car fire, shortly after 12.30pm, in the hard shoulder between the A4361 flyover and Junction 16 forced the Highways Agency to close the lanes whilst Wiltshire Fire & Rescue fought the blazing wreck.

The remaining shell of the maroon Volkswagon Golf was recovered shortly before 2.30pm and the two lanes officially reopened at 2.40pm, two hours after the incident was logged.

It is believed the driver and passenger had safely pulled into the hard shoulder of the motorway after their car lost power with a mechanical fault.

It was then, with them a safe distance from the vehicle, it burst into flames.

A passing ambulance came to the pair’s aid and offered them shelter whilst they waited for two fire crews from Stratton to arrive.

Using hose reels and foam, the firefighters battled the flames and officially had it under control at 2.02pm.

Eye witnesses watching from a near footbridge said the fire appeared extinguished on several occasions before reigniting and requiring further attention from firefighters.

The pair suffered no injuries and required no treatment.