OUTSTANDING marks at Drove Jelly Tots nursery have delivered a full house of top Ofsted ratings for White Horse Federation’s Drove Road site.

The education watchdog had already rated Drove Primary School and Drove Children’s Centre as outstanding in every category, but the nursery and children’s centre’s creche have now followed suit.

Nick Capstick, the CEO of the federation, said leadership at the Drove campus was shared by the three providers, and the latest inspection was an endorsement of the team effort being put in.

“I am most proud of the tenacity and resilience of staff and the leadership team,” he said. “Without that combination of leadership from the children’s centre and Drove Primary School you wouldn’t get outstanding marks in all areas,” he said.

Ofsted inspected the two providers on February 24 and found quality and standard of provision had been improved from the good rating given in May 2011.

Inspector Julie Swann said: “The rich, well-planned and stimulating environment, combined with high quality resources, means children are provided with an exceptional educational programme which has depth and breadth across all areas of learning.

“As a result, all children are making rapid progress. “The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding.

“Robust systems for observation, planning and assessment are in place and this ensures that excellent ranges of challenging activities are available for children.

“An effective key person system ensures all children are happy and settled in a welcoming environment. “Staff are exceptional at providing an inclusive environment and acknowledging the needs of individual children.

“Leadership is inspirational with a strong drive to continuously improve. “Robust and rigorous safeguarding procedures ensure children are safe and secure.”

Mr Capstick said the nursery predominantly focuses on two to three-year-olds from deprived backgrounds.

And he said the nursery focused on narrowing any future gaps in learning between children from disadvantaged and wealthier backgrounds.