EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Phoebe Young’s logo for Sevor Farm Solar in South Marston will be transferred from paper to signpost in the next fortnight.

Eneco, which operates the solar farm, ran a competition with South Marston Primary School which invited children studying in Key Stage Two (seven to 11-year-olds) to design their own logo for the farm.

The best designs were shortlisted and judges from South Marston Parish Council, the Adver and Honda decided Phoebe’s was the strongest effort. She received an iPad as her prize.

Phoebe, whose design included a yellow and orange solar panel, smiling sun and the farm’s title, said: “I am really happy, it was a surprise. I used the colours from Eneco’s logo and put the sun in for the solar farm.”

The winning design will now be taken forward by Eneco to an agency, which will transfer Phoebe’s design to a sign before it is placed at the village site and on every document used in connection with the site in the future.

Luke Maddison, headteacher at Phoebe’s school, said: “There were some great designs from our kids. All the designs are really good quality.

“Phoebe’s design could easily be at the site for years to come. It’s a great achievement and legacy for her and the school.”

Guy Madgwick, director of Eneco UK, said: “We have very much enjoyed working with the children of South Marston Primary School to establish an identity for our project.

“We look forward to showcasing the design at the site when we hold our community open day this summer.”