A MAN took his own life after battling depression for 15 years, an inquest heard.

On Friday, Peter Hatvany, Wiltshire and Swindon assistant coroner, sitting at Salisbury Coroners’ Court, ruled that Justin Loder, 32, committed suicide through asphyxiation and inhalation of helium.

Mr Loder had been staying at friend Oliver Bowles’ home when family discovered him late on January 30 this year. Emergency services were called but he was pronounced dead in the early hours of January 31.

The court heard that the former Commonweal School pupil had low self-esteem, drank heavily and had money problems.

Mr Loder first sought help for depression aged 22. Several years later he’d spoke of taking his own life and bought equipment to do it.

Last year, his doctor Steven Rhodes referred him to a stress and mood management course which led to improvements in his wellbeing.

Mr Hatvany, reading an account of the last time Dr Rhodes saw the deceased in January, said: “There was no indication that his mood was any different and there was no indication of the tragic events that would follow.”

Mr Loder, who’d been on antidepressants, struggled holding down a job due to his condition and state of mind while he was also running out of compensation money he’d been paid following a hand injury.

The last job he had before his death was at Oakland Furniture, working in the warehouse where he’d been employed for three weeks.

“He had to go on a trip to Manchester with work. He was worried about money and socialising so handed in his notice,” said Mr Hatvany, reading a statement from Mr Bowles.

“He was a reserved person, who had few friends and preferred socialising in small groups.”

Mr Loder, who suffered with insomnia, had been going out with Hayley Hosell since 2011. The couple had lived together but Mr Loder moved in with his friend Mr Bowles in November.

Miss Hosell found out she was pregnant in December and the court heard Mr Loder persuaded her to have an abortion.

The couple had an on-off relationship and, at 5pm on January 28, Mr Loder went to Miss Hosell’s house drunk but she refused to see him.

Mr Loder didn’t leave a suicide note and Mr Hatvany said a toxicology report found he had low levels of alcohol in his blood when he died.

“There is no note giving reasons but I am satisfied to the criminal standard that he did form an intention (to commit suicide),” Mr Hatvany said.

“I’m sorry to his family to have to bring all this up again and I’m very sorry for your loss.”