FAMILY lodges have opened their doors at Prospect Hospice allowing relatives to remain close to their loved ones throughout treatment and up until their very last moments.

Construction of the two bungalows began in November in an attempt to bring comfort to terminally-ill residents during their stay in the hospice’s in-patient unit by providing a place for their families to be near them at all times.

The Wroughton charity was awarded £452,000 by the Department of Health in April 2013 towards the project.

While convenient for relatives travelling a long distance to visit patients, they will also enable families living much closer to enjoy as much time together while they can.

“Families will be able to stay much closer to their loved ones when they are moving towards difficult times,” said Jo Hyde, of the Family Support Team. “Some families have to travel to come here and even if they do live locally the worry of being away from them is there.

“The lodges will allow them to stay in contact and know what is going on. You don’t want to miss a moment; every moment is so precious. They can be self-sufficient but with support from staff.”

The one-bedroom lodges are equipped with a small kitchen area and have a homely feel with their lounge spaces.

Each is also fitted with a disabled bathroom.

Prospect Hospice chief executive Angela Jordan added: “There can be no doubt that the opening of the two new lodges here at Prospect Hospice is very good news indeed for the families of patients who are concerned about where they will stay when a loved one is being cared for at the hospice.

“In future, the two lodges will offer a safe, comfortable and, perhaps most importantly, nearby place when their loved one is a patient here. We are certain that this will be a very welcome development.

“What should not be overlooked are the other refurbishments that the NHS England grant have enabled us to complete. We have already opened a sixteenth bed designated for patients who are fast approaching the end of life, and completely refitted a patient bathroom which is also already in use on the in-patient unit. Additionally we have been able to modernise our patient catering facilities, and create a dedicated rest-room for nurses taking a break from their shift.

“We believe that patients and their families will greatly benefit from the new developments this one-off funding have enabled us to complete at Prospect Hospice.”

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