AFTER seeing the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s first-hand, Emma Dunn is on a mission to prevent more families going through the same experience.

The 26-year-old Adver features writer is hoping to raise hundreds of pounds for Alzheimer’s Research UK by taking part in the 13.1 mile Great North Run on September 7.

To boost her fundraising, Emma and her boyfriend, Scott D’Arcy, are holding a curry night at the Bombay Lounge in Peatmoor on Monday.

Half of the proceeds from the curry event, which starts at 7pm, will be donated to the Adver’s 160 Appeal for Prospect Hospice and half will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Emma said: “Sadly, both of my wonderful grandmas were affected by this horrible disease. It was heartbreaking seeing what they went through and I want to raise as much money as I can to stop more people having similar experiences.”

Audrey, who lived in North Yorkshire, died in July 2012 at the age of 87 and Joan, who lived in Leicestershire, died in August 2013 at the age of 81.

“Both grandmas were affected in different ways. My mum’s mum, Joan Reffitt, had problems with her short term memory and would forget anything we had spoken about or done after a few minutes. Her long term memory was perfect though,” said Emma.

“My dad’s mum, Audrey Dunn, got confused with the time of day and would go out to the market in the middle of the night. She also often thought she was living in the past.

“Their different experiences show how wide-ranging and upsetting Alzheimer’s is.

“During every step I take at the Great North Run and every mouthful of curry I have at the curry night, I will be thinking about both of them. I know they would be there supporting me and cheering me on at the race if they were still with us.”

Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity specialising in finding preventions, causes, treatments and a cure for dementia.

Emma added: “I want to raise funds for Prospect Hospice because during my four years at the paper I have met many families who have been helped by them. I am always amazed by the work they do and I hope this curry night will give them a boost.”

The curry night will include a raffle to help raise more funds. Emma thanked everyone who has donated prizes, including the Wyvern Theatre, New Theatre Oxford, The Core, Wood Street Food Hall, Jan Wojtowicz and Laura Clark at Wood Street Wellbeing, Blissful (beauty salon), JJ’s Hair Group, Kupu Beauty, Rusland Cookery School, Swindon Marriott Hotel, Pontins, Empire Cinema, Motorsave, Steam Museum, the Oasis Leisure Centre and gym, Tenpin Bowling in Shaw Ridge, The Link Centre ice skating rink, Cineworld, and St Audries Bay Holiday Park in Somerset.