POLICE in Swindon town centre are increasing patrols to combat anti-social cyclists.

A rise in complaints about cyclists riding in Swindon town centre has prompted the Town Centre Neighbour-hood Policing Team to warn riders to get off their bikes – or face a £50 fine.

Officers have reminded cyclists to dismount as they enter the town centre, namely Bridge Street, Regent Street, The Parade, Canal Walk and Wharf Green.

In March, a review of the problem resulted in Swindon Borough Council installing new signs to communicate that cyclists were prohibited from cycling in the area.

The problem, however, has continued despite the new signs,as well as engagement with cyclists and the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices by officers out on regular police patrols.

Town centre community beat manager PC Paul Bezzant said officers would be clamping down on poor behaviour from cyclists.

“It is not just the cycling itself that is an issue, but also the manner of the cycling,” he said.

“When patrolling the area, our team are regularly approached by members of the public complaining about cyclists cycling through the town and weaving in and out of pedestrians at speed.

“This form of anti social cycling can be very intimidating to the public.

“I have witnessed a number of such incidents and recently dealt with a lady who was struck from behind by a cyclist travelling through Canal Walk at speed.

“As a result of the continued community concerns, the Neighbourhood Policing Team will carry out a number of targeted enforcement patrols.

“These patrols will focus on this problem and the community will see an increased number of officers at key times on unannounced days.

“These officers will enforce the legislation and issue £50 Fixed Penalty Notices when people are found committing the offence.”

  • To report an incident contact Wiltshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.