BOOK lovers in Blunsdon have a new volunteer-run library service that offers something for readers of all ages.

Started last month, the new ‘book-swap’ service operates once a week and anyone, whether they are a library member or not, can take a book for as long as they want.

There is a wide range of books on offer from children’s literature to autobiographies.

All that is needed from borrowers is a contact number but there is no limit on when the book can be returned.

Operating from the village hall, it is run by a team of volunteers who all have a passion for reading.

Among them is Brenda Boyd, who said: “I love books, it’s as simple as that. I would hate it if I couldn’t borrow a book so it is nice to be able to offer this service.

“We have a shelf in the village hall which has all the books that we offer every Thursday. It has all sorts of books so if you like reading then there will probably be something you like.

“You don’t need to be a member or sign up so anyone can come along.

“There is no limit either, so you can read the book as quickly or slowly as you want and then just bring it back.”

The council has funded the library as a way of extending its service for people who may not have easy access to borrowing. The nearest libraries to Blunsdon are in Highworth or the Orbital Centre, making the new service convenient for many of the residents who may not have their own transport.

“It is probably very useful for people who aren’t able to drive or get to the buses easily,” said Brenda.

“I know there are a lot of people in the village who love to read but can’t make it out so hopefully this will help them. The time it is open is also very useful for when children finish school.

“It has been relatively quiet since we first opened but hopefully as more people find out about what we are doing then it will get busier. I think it is a great service and I hope more people start to use it.”

The service is available every Thursday from 3pm until 6pm.