INTERNATIONAL pop star Taylor Jones hopes the people of Swindon will get behind his latest single and fulfil his dreams of success at home.

Former Greendown School pupil Taylor, 20, has gained a huge following in Belgium after embarking on a career over there at the age of 18.

His new song Emergency was released on Monday and he hopes it will be a hit at home and abroad.

Taylor, from Haydon Wick, who is currently living in Hamont, said: “I’m pleased with the start it has made and the reaction to it.

I don’t have a major record label but it is getting good support from national radio stations and the MTV network over here.

“It is a catchy pop tune, a little different to some of my previous songs. I wrote it myself and it is aimed at being a transition into the mainstream. Me and my manager have great hopes for it.”

Taylor’s first step towards his international adventure was when he left New College two weeks into his studies. He moved to London in an attempt to follow his dreams of being a music star.

He said: “It was a gamble but it is paying off. After a couple of weeks at New College I decided that I just wanted to be a musician.

“ I had a talk with my family and then I went to London. I stayed on friends’ sofas and then this opportunity came to go to Belgium.

“I went from playing to 200 people in Suju to performing in front of 42,000 at my first gig in Belgium. I was so nervous but it opened so many doors for me.”

Taylor, who has had songs chart in Poland, Spain, Brazil and Germany as well as Belgium, toured with the Disney Channel and has also had a chance to try his hand at TV presenting.

He has even been sent to London to interview superstars including Will Smith and Selena Gomez.

Taylor said: “Will Smith was everything you’d expect him to be. I interviewed him and his son Jaden, they were both really great and we had a good laugh.

“Selena was lovely too. I was really nervous meeting her as I have a crush on her but she was a wonderful girl. I gave her a gift and she wore it on her tour, which was great to see.”

Taylor is currently working on an album and will be looking to release more singles in the coming months. He is calling on the people of Swindon to get behind his music to help raise his profile in the UK.

He said: “It would be great to have the people of Swindon behind me as it would be a dream to get a bigger audience for my music back home. I also hope other young performers might relate to my story and take a gamble to follow their dreams.”