A LEADING publisher of music magazines has hailed Swindon as the future of rock‘n’roll.

Scott Rowley, who is the editorial director of TeamRock, made the claim after seeing a number of local bands play a gig at The Vic last Saturday.

TeamRock publishes some of the biggest music magazines in the country, including Classic Rock and Metal Hammer.

Unbeknown to the organisers, Scott was in the crowd for the sold-out performance and liked what he saw, titling the article: “We have seen the future of rock‘n’roll and its name is Swindon.”

The event, called The 12 Bands of Christmas, sees various bands from the Swindon area play a cover song which is out of their comfort zone.

There was a host of well-known local bands playing, including Colour The Atlas and British Harlem.

In the article Scott Rowley suggested the bands playing in The Vic would perhaps lead the way in the revival of rock music, while attacking The X Factor.

Scott said: “Cover versions seem like a cheat. A shortcut. Creative bankruptcy. But there’s a difference between the cack-handed karaoke Cowell peddles and the creative reinvention of a great song.

“Here, maybe, is how we get great music back in the charts: we steal their weapons and use them against them.

“Talking of Cowell, local sophisto-pop act Colour The Atlas are signed to RCA and there’s a local rumour that frontwoman Jess Hall was offered a place on The X Factor, with producers promising her a clear route all the way to the finals. She turned them down. Tonight she leads her band through a cover of the Jack White/Alicia Keys Bond anthem Another Way To Die. The place goes nuts.”

There was high praise for numerous local acts.“Imagine YMCA played by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and you’d be close to SN Dub Station’s party-starting take,” said Scott.

“In a fair world, that and their welcome reinvention of Slade groanfest Merry Xmas Everybody, would be the songs cluttering the charts.

“Indie band British Harlem go for the jugular with takes on two 90s classic that now seem like power-pop classics to stand alongside The Cars or The Knack – Bowling For Soup’s Girl All The Bad Guys Want and Sum 41’s Fat Lip – and prompt a stage invasion.”