A pair of teenage thugs who launched a drunken town centre attack on two men who asked them to be polite to a fast food vendor have been spared jail.

And after Daniel Bowen and Mohammed Uddin launched the violent night time attack they robbed one of the men of his wallet.

Then when he got home hours later Bowen started using the victim's bank card to get hundreds of pounds worth of goods online and try to get much more.

But after hearing the 18-year-olds had no previous convictions a judge at Swindon Crown Court imposed suspended sentences.

Claire Marlow, prosecuting, said Michael Dawson and Darren Woodward had gone to Tennessee Chicken in Victoria Road, Swindon, at about 2am on Friday, October 3.

"There were two males inside, the defendants, who were being rude to the staff about how long their food was taking," she said.

"Mr Woodward remonstrated telling them they should be a bit more patient. The two became aggressive putting their faces close to Mr Dawson and Mr Woodward."

Soon after the defendant got their food and a short time later the victims also walked over to sit by the library and eat their meal.

They aggressively asked why they had got involved in the takeaway and trying to calm the situation Mr Woodward apologised if he had offended them.

"The response was for Mr Dawson to be punched in the face. Mr Woodward was also punched in the face."

The victims tried to flee but their attackers gave chase and both men were taken to the ground where they believed they were kicked.

As he was down Mr Dawson realised one of the attackers was going through his pockets and take out his phone, putting back saying it was 'rubbish'.

In his statement Mr Woodward said Uddin told him 'Hand over your phone,' but he didn't have one and he then saw them go through his friend's pockets.

When he got to the hospital, where he was treated for a broken nose, Mr Dawson realised his wallet was missing.

Miss Marlow said a workman carrying out road works nearby saw what was happening and described the violent attack with kicks to the head being landed.

"He described it as sickening to watch and then they ran away," she said.

At about 8am that morning Bowen tried to use Mr Dawson's card seven times, twice with success, to get £368 of goods and try to get a further £559 worth.

After he was arrested Uddin, who had some of his victim's property in his room, said they had been drinking and taken some pills.

Bowen, of Newtown, Trowbridge, and Uddin, of Sarum Avenue, Melksham, each admitted robbery and attempted robbery and Bowen also admitted fraud.

James Burke, for Bowen, said the offence was an isolated incident and his client generally had 'a pro social attitude'.

He said he was currently working in Sainsbury's but hoped to set up his own snack based business in the future.

Alex Daymond, for Uddin, said his client was so intoxicated he could not recall the incident and is very sorry for what he did.

Passing sentence Judge Peter Blair QC said: "You have brought enormous shame on yourselves and enormous shame on your family.

"It is important for me to very much bear in mind your age, you are 18. and the significant feature that neither of you have previous conviction, albeit you have come to the attention of the police in the past in a relation to violence.

"The overwhelming impression that I get that when you aren't suffering from the extreme affects of drinking a lot of alcohol and on the particular night accepting some drugs in an extraordinarily reckless manner not knowing what they are, you behave in perfectly acceptable ways.

"I think you are capable of taking this as a last warning. I think you are capable of not coming back to the courts again in future."

He imposed two-year jail terms suspended for two years with 180 hours of unpaid work, £500 compensation and £100 surcharge and said Bowen must also do a thinking skills programme.