A TINY tearaway has been handed a two-year Asbo for terrorising her old primary school.

Her friend has also been given an anti-social behaviour order, but hers will run for six months.

Hannah Bell, 14, of Frobisher Drive, and Rebecca Ball, 13, of Essex Walk, appeared at Swindon Magistrates' Court yesterday where Bell was given the two-year order and Ball one for six months.

The pair, who are both about 5ft, have become the youngest girls in Swindon to be given Asbos.

They are former pupils at Mountford Manor School, in Walcot, and have been throwing stones at the windows and harassing staff.

The Churchfields School pupils were part of a group of youngsters who have been causing a nuisance around Mountford Manor's School grounds.

Reported incidents include throwing stones at windows during a parent teacher evening and banging on the windows during an assembly.

Both girls were accompanied to court by their mothers. The chairwoman of the bench, Felicity Beard, said while Bell was getting a two-year Asbo her 7pm to 8am curfew would be reviewed in six months.

"This is up to you now. If you obey all these things in six months your curfew may be lifted, if you breach it, it won't be," she said.

Ball was given the six-month order after the court heard she will be moving to Morrison Street, in Rodbourne, and so will be away from Bell.

Her interim order will be reviewed in September and could be extended.

Ball was also given a six-month referral order after the court heard she had already breached the interim Asbo handed to her in December by going into her old school on January 3 after seeing an abandoned bicycle.

Mountford Manor School head Francis Peer has previously said staff felt intimidated and said children were pushed in front of the cars of members of staff.