BRITPOP legends Oasis look like they could definitely maybe be about to make a Wonderwall return to the stage – in Swindon.

Urban legend has it that the band was named after the town’s Oasis Leisure Centre when Noel Gallagher was a roadie for the Inspiral Carpets when their tour took them to the venue, and with a surprise headline performance in the offing for the Glastonbury Festival in June, it is rumoured the lure of looking back - but not in anger - was too strong for Noel and his younger brother Liam.

Rumours of the reunion were sparked by singer Liam’s recent visit to a show by his estranged sibling, filling fans with hope the pair had made up after their latest spat.

Swindon music promoter Jim Shady, who once saw the band from a distance, said any reunion show would be sure to provide a night of cigarettes and alcohol for all concerned at the newly-refurbished venue.

“I know Liam would be mad for it,” he said. “A mate of a mate of a mate told me he (Liam) loves Swindon and doesn’t stop talking about the food at Eggelicious (in Old Town).

“It would be a real coup for Swindon if it does happen. The band would need a warm-up for Glastonbury and this seems the perfect venue for it, so, if they read this, perhaps they will decide to make it a reality.”

When asked about the announcement Craig Jones, Swindon Advertiser reporter and fellow Manchester City season ticket holder, said he was sure his fellow Mancunians would love his adopted home town.

“I think it could be a really good show,” he said. “All of my friends back up north are massive Oasis fans and it would make their decade if they made a comeback, especially in Swindon, which is every Mancunian’s favourite train stop.”

Sales of green Macs and dodgy tinted Lennon-style sunglasses are also reported to have gone up in Swindon since the rumour began circulating on anti-social media.

April O’Neill, who owns Made-Up Vinyl in Old Town, said she had received lots of orders for over-priced reissues of their best known albums including What’s The Story (Morning Glory)? and Definitely Maybe.

“All of my customers love it, because they think Oasis are actually a ‘classic’ band when we all know they’re about five minutes old and basically ripped off Beatles tunes. Badly,” she said.

“But each to their own, and if it means they come in here, paying a fortune for albums, then I’m all for it.”

When the Adver approached Oasis for a comment, they realised they didn’t have a number for them.

  • UPDATE: IT has emerged that the rumours regarding Oasis and a possible show in Swindon were completely unfounded and it was all part of an elaborate April Fools' Day joke. 

    However, if you are excited about potentially listening to the Manchester band's big hits in the town, tribute band Oas-is will be at Level 3, in Commercial Road, on Saturday, April 25. Doors open at 8.30pm and tickets cost £6 in advance, or £8 on the door.